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DURAL triggerguard set for Steyr SSG69 and L hunting

Patented metal triggerguard for Steyr SSG 69 / L hunting with 5 or 10 round 308 AICS steel magazine


We have 5 or 10 round magazines in stock. Every magazine is tested in our test rifle for proper funktion.


308 steel AICS magazines also fit the caliber 22-250, 243 Win, 260 Rem, 6,5 CM, 6,5x47 - interessting for new custom SSG69 barrels. Marginal note: SSG69 barrels are shrinked. After removing we suggest to add a fine thread to install new barrels.


The triggerguard is drop in, some spacer are added to compensate  stock tolerances.




For Canada and UK please contact our reseller: