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My name is Ing. Michael W. Mayerl. I`m a specialized engineer for weapon development and ballistics. After my study on a higher technical school, with orientation on weapon design and ballistics + classic gunsmith training, I worked many years as a firearms designer in the industry. The biggest processed projects were the reengineering of the Mauser M2 pistol, the Sig SP2022 pistol (adapted by the french police and the biggest pistol procurement in europe since the second world war), SP2022 FOF (Simunition), the new development of the Sig Sauer P250 pistol (which was addapted by the HongKong police) and some new rifle designs. Next to this projects I`m also an expert for introducing new firearms surfaces like StyriaOx and StyriaCoat. Since 2005 I have started with my own bussiness with following main focus:


I`m a free, external engineer and I offer the firearms industrie a full service: studies, requirements specifications, development, prototyping, testing, technical specifications for patent application, manuals and at least creating conforming to standards the technical drawings for the manufacturing process.


I work with modern 3D CAD Software, 3D laserscanner and I`m able to manufacture all types of prototypes (CNC milling, turning, erosion, rapid tooling, rapid prototyping, metal / plastic molding etc...) which can be tested under professional conditions on our shooting range.

If you are interessted - don´t hesitate to contact me formless via email:

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With all this versatility I can get very valuable for the firearms industry because I can perform the whole development jobs from starting with the technical specifications up to the first lot production - in a „explicit shortend“ development time - and without supervision.


My hobbies are hunting, IDPA shooting and long range shooting - I know the bussiness and the requirements very well.